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Patrick Bernard, Mr. Kentucky Gold Medalist

When Patrick and his wife Heather approached me regarding his branding and business Idas, I immediately said, Yes! Patrick's story and transformation is not only inspiring to me personally, but his charisma and unique flair transcends through any platform.

He had a general idea of the WHAT he was looking for, but once I sent over my questionnaire (something every client receives) he said it prompted many ideas and sort of forced him to dive deeper into specific areas of the website design and his brand image.

One thing he was very specific about was his logo. he wanted it to reflect his background with a 90.s gym vibe. I send over a few ideas and he kept saying it was close, but something was missing. He then told me his nickname and a story relating to it and immediately I created the logo (below) and his reply was affluently YES ITS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED TO SEE!! OMG STEPH THAT'S MY BRAND LOGO!!!

Next we dove into what he wanted and needed within his website. Services, a booking portal, and calendar for availability in training sessions. Patrick also gets asked for motivational speaking so we created a specific contact form with drop-down boxes that allow a funnel system to filter his inbox upon arrival.

This was a full business design, website build from the ground up and I am so proud of the success that Pat is creating for himself by utilizing my designs!!

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