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Mrs. Stacey Cakes

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Stacey Kline, creator of Mrs. Stacey Cakes is a custom cake and cupcake decorator from Northern Indiana, and came to 10Hats Branding with an extensive portfolio, an idea in mind of what she envisioned, and a list of wants/needs for her updated site.

"Simplicity, user-friendliness, and clean/crisp colors surrounding portfolio images."

That is what Stacey requested.

We designed multiple logos to give her choices in colors, fonts, and what direction she wanted to move in regarding style: classic, edgy, charming, or artistic.

After the basics were finalized, we began building an online shop for customers to order and pay for pickup or deliver, and which desserts they wanted to purchase. This detail was one of Stacey's biggest requests, as her business has grown, without a space to keep things organized.

Important fact: Stacey LOVES organization.

After our consultation, which is where specific questions are asked for direction, we had only two rounds of updates/revisions. If you have ever had a website designed or built for you, you can understand how important this detail is, and just how highly it speaks of our design process at 10Hats Branding.

Interested in rebranding or an updated website? Let's take your business to the next level - Reach out, we can't wait to chat with you!

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