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NoCo Spa & Aesthetics | Med Spa

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NoCo Spa & Aesthetics is s boutique medical spa located in Norton Commons, in Prospect KY. The owner, Ashley Ernspiker, reached out asking for a full Branding Business Package, creating a brand and business from the ground up.

During our consultation, we were able to finalize several important details: color palette for branding guidelines. Fonts. And most importantly: a name and corresponding hashtag.

Norton Commons is anything but what its name implies... which is why I came up with the tag #UNcommonBeauty for NoCo.

Next, another important factor: logo design.

Ashley wanted a clean yet welcoming vibe, from the lobby of her med spa to the design on the website. Here is what the final versions looked like:

This project held a lot of personal interest from myself. The women at NoCo are absolutely spectacular - they uphold all of their mission statement which speaks to showcasing the natural beauty in each client, enhancing what is already there.

In regards to the site design, I was given free rein to create and build with the requests for a treatment/booking page. Specific requests included: basic, minimal, and zen.

If you are interested in a rebranding for your own business, a new website, or a branding photoshoot, reach out! Let's take your business to the next level!

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